Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Idols 3, horses, and boats...

This weekend Gabriel participated in Idols 3
to become the new 'Popstar 2005'... or 2006?...
Anyway it was loads of fun and veeery exciting-
I think it's great that he is doing this, he is very talented
and has a beautiful voice (ah yes, the girlfriend speaks)!
But see (hear) for yourself! You can always go to


and listen to some of his own songs if your interested!
Esther, a friend of ours, also very talented, also great voice,
was there as well (with whole family) and they both got through
to the next round end of Oktober... so, fingers crossed!!!

Then we drove a little outside of Amsterdam to see
a great arabian horse show (well what can I say...
it was not merely for animation research I have to admit...
actually, it was purely out of
'I love horses they are beautiful I wanna have one' reasons...)!

And after that (yes, we be active people)
we met up with Hans and some dear friends of ours from London (Rudolf and Suzanne)
who were cruising through Amsterdam on Hans' boat!
Ah I looove that!!!
Great weather, great view of Amsterdam from the 'Grachten' -
That's the life :)


in-ah said...

stop the blog spam!!! Argh!

raffee said...

So, is Gabe gonna be on TV or what ? he he he...

Anonymous said...

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