Monday, February 02, 2009


It's been coming down like mad since last night!

Transport here in London is a disaster, so am not at work on my new job on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland today- I just started last Thursday and so far it's been fabulous! Basically I am on the Previs team to work on the end sequence, which is great as I haven't been on a production at such an early stage before and I love the fact that you actually work closely with the director and have bucket loads of creative freedom! The dude himself comes in once or twice a day, and the pinnacle of awesomeness is that it's at Tim Burton's house in Belsize park (he doesn't reside there mind you, just uses it for his productions), which used to belong to the illustrator of Alice, Sir John Tenniel!

It's as quirky and beautiful as you'd expect, with loads of strange bits and bobs scattered around the house... the garden is composed out of three parts, divided by a secret garden brick wall- there is a tiny pond, a weeping willow with an old tattered swing, a miniature maze, and it's all quite wild and overgrown. Sitting on the steps of the terrace on my first lunch break, soaking up a few wintry rays of sun was somewhat outlandish and stands in such contrast to cowering by the bins outside the Framestore Animation building ;)

I know I know it's all barfy happy joy joy, but what a nice change to the depressing start of the year! For now all is good in the land of In-Ah :D