Friday, November 11, 2005

Apartment... the hunt continues

Well... what can I say.
Today we looked at our 8th(?) apartment in Amsterdam,
as we need to get out of our current place by March 2006.
(City decided to renovate the building so we must go,
but therefore had fantastically low rent as long as it lasted.)
Aaaanyway, it is getting depressing-

I know that I shouldn’t fall into despair quite yet
as it always takes some time to find a good and decent place
for an affordable price…
yet it seems that ‘good’ and ‘decent’
are quite incompatible with ‘affordable’ here.
What the hell do people think
when they offer you a stinky shoebox sized shit-hole
for the mind-blowing price of up to 300.000 EUR???
My god! Why what where when what the …

More than once have we left an apartment we viewed
stunned and utterly perplex!
(Plus we make appointments BEFORE working hours,
which means I have to get up super early almost every morning!
People that know me can only imagine the disastrous effect this has
on me, and anyone else around me… so basically Gabriel gets it all-
We are now slowly but surely contemplating the possibility of
living on the streets soon. Well, maybe we could build ourselves
a nice little ‘box and plastic bag combo condo’…
right behind a big puddle… and after a few months
we’ll post it on the real estate market as
‘spacey and airy bungalow, with great lake view – a must see’…
yeah… that’ll teach ‘em…..

Monday, November 07, 2005

More painting...

This weekend I continued my wallpainting-project
at gabe'n'gabe's office...
still needs some work but its slowly getting there!

hm.. maybe i can give it a little more energy like this: