Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My office ...

It's been a quiet day today,
apart from my sniveling, snorting and coughing
from the massive flu that has hit whole Holland,
so I thought it would be time to tell you all
about my new working place.

I sit in a pretty much 80's style building block,
on the second floor, with moderately modern interior
(lots of browns and greys...) and a nice
lounge-like reception area.

Now the room I sit in,
which has a funky 'Computer Graphics' sign
hanging over the door, is put together as follows:

-room with desks and PCs (not all too big, say 25m2 max)
-little rendering booth

The thing is that this 'small tech booth' shuts out any daylight from,
or view to the windows! I sit in the dark THE WHOLE DAY.
It is depressing on a sunny day (like today) and not all too bad
on a clouded dutch autumn day, which isn't much lighter
than nighttime anyway...
The walls of this room are grey and dark grey,
the floor a dark green carpet...
the tables black...
and on Fridays we drink fresh blood and chant dark rhymes...

it's dark, and I cannot wait to move to our new room
with windows and OXYGEN, which is always a great plus!
(should be in the new 3D room by new years).

The tan I had from vacation ran off screaming,
leaving me as white as a sheet!
And I guarantee I'll be showing off a great translucent greenish teint,
the trademark of any 3D guy/geek, soon enough.
Not to mention my red nose flaking away from constant nose-blowing,
and the faint cracked lips to match!

Be afraid... be very afraid...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Updated Stuff...

... on this blog and created an art blog, where I will (hopefully) post a lot of my drawings and paintings!

Things on the kids movie I am working on are going well-
we just finished shooting in South Africa and should be getting the rushes in pretty soon!
I cannot wait to see the material...

I'll be teaching at the Film Academie Amsterdam in January, focusing on showreels/portfolios and interview situations. If all goes well I'll be back to guide the animation on some final year projects, but that's all still very much in the future- we'll see how it goes and how tied down I'll be when working in London again!

Busy busy busy ;)
And so much happier than in the games industry... come to think of it, it might've been different if I had worked on a fun cartoon game. Violence related stuff just isn't for me.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

what a great idea!

check out this video clip from kristofer strom

Monday, November 13, 2006

Coca-Cola Add

great stuff!