Thursday, December 15, 2005

well... after a long series of weekends and painting,
I finally finished the mural!
Here it is:

hope you like it :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Last chance: Wildcard, 24th of December ...

Hey you guys-

Thanks to all of you who voted! I really appreciated it!

Unfortunately Gabriel did not make it to the next round this time, but he can fight for the ‘wildcard’, which is some kind of joker to get to the finals, that all 15 that didn’t make it can try to get in two weeks time (xmas eve… great timing)…

The chances are slim, but of course I’m still all for voting like crazy (though am getting fed up with the Idols-money-making-machine, but what can you do, ey) and happy if anyone decides to support him. I think this time they give you a whole week (the one before the 24th of course... duh) to vote your little hearts out, and on the 24th itself, only the 6 candidates with the most votes get to perform, and only ONE gets the 'wildcard' = gets to go on to the finals with the last 12!

Ah well ...
I think our Gabriel was so nervous on Saturday he only did half as good as he could’ve really- I saw his sleeve jitter and tremble when he was on stage- what stress!!! He never fails to give you some solid goose-bumps when he sings relaxed and full of energy, but that evening stage fright kinda froze him, I guess...

We still believe in him (of course - duh) and hope he stands a chance on Saturday the 24st!
I also hope the Idols-Image-Makers cut the crap and stop showing weird, out-of-the-context snip-its from Gabriels comments/interviews in order to have him come across as arrogant/super self assured, which he really isn't. (Those who saw the show know what I mean.)

Thanks again for your support! And hang in there a little longer to give him a chance to perform again (less trembling to be expected due to 'fuck it, I ain't got nothin' to loose now' factor)-

Kisses and hugs from me to you :)

Friday, December 02, 2005

Saturday, 10th of December...

... watch Idols3 on TV and vote for Gabriel!