Thursday, June 29, 2006

short note ...

How come this blog is all buggy in Internet Explorer,
and looks fine on Firefox?

Anyone who knows an answer to this, please help me out,
so i can get this site looking good on both browsers ...

Mehr Fussball ...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some Spring Pics From Amsterdam

The Dip ... and football

Yes, yes…

It’s been a while since I posted anything-
I guess the reasons are a mixture of
Great weather, feeling lazy,
and not having that much to report really.

Right now I am going through a bit of a
‘whatever, what the hell, who cares anyway’
Phase which is probably a result of my current job
Being pretty lame, and …
Hm, I guess it’s just because the job is frustrating.

Even though I have the great prospect of going back to London
to work on a feature film next year in April,
I have mixed feelings about it all, because it means
being on a long distance relationship again… that is so tiring!
Problem is: being unhappy in your job is also extremely exhausting,
which is not such a big surprise when you spend around 80% of your day at it.

So it seems like I simply cannot have both:
live with boyfriend AND have great job.
The Netherlands simply has very little to offer
when scouting for cool jobs in animation,
Or so it seems.
And I have been looking around for alternatives, believe me.

Ah well, you could say:
Hey, just take the best out of now,
and worry about all the other stuff later…
Yes, well I assure you that I am trying hard to become a balanced,
Zen and thoroughly positive person-
I’m just not quite there yet ;)

Its funny how one seems to always have something to nag about-
First it’s all the stress with moving apartments and renovating etc-
Now I am living la dolce vita in this amazing palace
that I can call home,
And already I am thinking about how sad I’ll be when I have to leave!
Pf- silly.
Don’t get me wrong, I do have great moments of happiness,
And in general people know me as a positive person,
always ready to have a good laugh…
But those little dips you trip into from time to time
just seem to almost swallow me up whole sometimes,
and there is little I can do about it at that very moment…
maybe it's good to feel thoroughly shit from time to time,
because that’s what makes the good times even better, right?
Hm- let’s talk about something lighter…

So anyway,
cool thing that a lot of people are really getting into
the whole world cup happening, ey?
At the moment I am supporting quite a number of teams actually:

Germany, ist ja klar
Korea, eh.. gamsa hamnida?

Because, well... I am German and Korean...

Holland, precies!
And Australia, aussie aussie oi oi oi!!

Because, I support the teams of my friends :)
Of course.

I underestimated how fun it can be watching football in a bar,
decorated in screaming orange to match the yelling fans!
And despite the fact that we are all watching TV,
it feels so good to hang out with friends and chat before and after…
Hm- that should help with getting out of my dip, ey?
Yes… beer and friends (order of words does not reflect priority)…
cannot… resist… the sweet call… of cool lager… must… be strong… must …

Gotta run!