Wednesday, October 01, 2008

massive trip

my work on the movie 'the tale of despereaux' is done, am officially jobless and, after moving my stuff out of the amsterdam apartment, also homeless! makes u feel like u should crack open that bottle of champagne, doesn't it ;)
so, tomorrow am off to hong kong for 5 days and then on to australia for 3 weeks, because if there was ever a good moment to travel in my life, this is it! cannot wait to visit the other side of the world and take it all in... bucket loads of dim sum, asian art and culture, go shopping crazy (thanks to the all mighty mastercard wohoo), stroke some wombats, kangaroos (if they don't punch me first) and koalas, drink large amounts of shiraz, go to the opera, do all the touristy stuff and ride thru the outback until my bum falls off. aw, it's gonna be amazing I just know it :D

see you all mid november! xx