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David Sides

after watching 100 times or so I thought I'd post it on my blog to share with the few of you that visit from time to time.
I think this is a lovely rendition of the song and the guy has great talent! Makes me miss playing the piano...
sigh... am having the winter blues real bad lately! sigh sigh sigh

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just to give you an idea - Cavalli st H&M

I witnessed something similar in London and decided to walk on ...
scary stuff!!!

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

No Cavalli for me today (?)

thought it would be smart to go check at the store
on Oxford circus before work, because, surely,
I am the only one to go to H&M at 9 am?


it was insane-
a HUGE crowd of women/girls on the prowl,
ready to leap, lunge and kill,
a DJ playing Britney's new electro tunes loud and fierce...

I have never been so intimidated my whole life
so I decided that I really don't need that kind of stuff
and I'll just work hard to become rich and buy
a REAL couture Cavalli for 3 grand some day....

hm, I will go check out the shoes at lunchtime though...
and maybe grab one of the leopard print dresses
if there's still one left...
ah, and what the heck -
might as well throw on the zebra print thing too...
dah- I'm such a sucker for fashion...

post lunch update

it was still a madhouse at H&M at lunchtime
and the only thing left worth buying was a pair of tights...
crazy atmosphere! am still dazed... slightly traumatised...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weather in Britain

I have to say it:
British weather is better than Dutch weather...
Believe it man! Sunshine galore (even though cold),
amazing evening and morning skies in dazzling colours,
sometimes you get the odd gusts of wind but they seem
less aggressive than the 'slice your skin of face' ones
I encountered in Amsterdam...

Often it even makes up for the stinky tube ride
I need to endure (only 15 mins anyway, and my station is
overground, so this morning e.g. I was waiting for
the tube in glistening golden morning sunlight...)
and I find myself arriving at work -hold your seats-
smiling!!! gasp! then I get my coffee, the real stuff
from Carluccio's btw, sit down, start PC (apple users: gasp!)
log in and am still ... smiling!! double gasp!
Well, and then Maya crashes and the Rigs have changed
and you need to do your animation over again,
but hey, still smilin' right?

Even though I tackle all usual frustrations that come
with a film production (and at the moment there's quite a few
... cough - pipeline - cough) I am generally content,
which either is from growing older
(that big 30 only a little over a year away - ieck!)
and finding wisdom and ... stuff ... or it's just really
being able to do what I want professionally and growing
and improving and just working with amazing people,
finding amazing friends like V, who I feel like I've known forever
and connect with in a very 'best friends at school' way,
having an amazingly supportive hunky man that (still)
wants to marry me (am currently in 'wedding is cool' mode...
as opposed to last month where I was very much in
'can't breathe can't do it panic attack abandon ship must run away'
-eh- mode).

I also picked my wedding gown last week (wohoo!) and realised
that I actually quite like my figure/body (it's been a long road)
and should feel comfortable in it and with it,
which is quite an achievement for a lot of women
and I guess even for quite a few men in this
media -slash- fashion -slash-'perfect' body
(aka 'what the media dictates) type of world.
Even though I've never been 'fat' I have ALWAYS found a lot of
features I'd moan about and hate with a vengeance -
but it's become a lot less, and even though I am not very fit lately
(most excessive sport is currently going out and dancing like
a maniac) the moments that I obsess about my
bum/tummy/thighs have diminished 'beaucoup'!
Which is a very good sign, also because there are quite a few things
in life that are a liiitle more important than the dimples on my ass.

with those poetic, eloquent words I conclude my post about
the English weather and ... stuff :)

Sending you all some love xx