Friday, March 31, 2006

even shorter update

moved all furniture from Germany two weeks ago-
went for mini break to Paris last weekend-
set goal to unpack all last boxes this weekend...
and am starting Yoga :)

hm- back in life, back with energy,
finally feeling positive again!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

short update

too much snow after all,
and dutch truck rental only had summer tires (=insane).
So its move part two the weekend of the 18th... sigh.

The first part went very well though,
with loads of great helpers that made it go fast!
was one of the best moves in my book
(of ... hm, about 18 moves in my life by now).

Thanks again to all those that helped!
You = da best.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

moving this weekend...

... and my nerves are lying blank...
I have been renovating like mad, together with Gabe, and one day with 7 fantastic helpers (family and friends) for the last three weeks or so-
Well, it seems like months to me ;)
But it is looking soooo great, I cannot wait to be moved in and settled and all.

Everything is as good as packed... here in Amsterdam.
The (stressy) thing is we need to travel to Germany Friday night,
pack some of my stuff there (furniture etc. dumped at my
parents place/the cellar when moved together with Gabe onto 40m2
about a year and a half ago) on Saturday,
get some good sleep after Dad's Birthday Dinner that evening,
try to get up reeeeeaaally early on Sunday (we are talking
4-5 a.m. here, and I am anything but a morning person)
to head back to Amsterdam where (hopefully) again we will have
helping hands (family and friends- what would you do without them)
to unpack all that stuff -
go over to our old place here in the city (East)
pack more stuff into the truck,
and bring it all to our new location (city, 'old West').

Now- this is a pretty big operation as it is...
but now imagine it with THIS type of weather:

Total nightmare!!! Why is it snowing again all of a sudden? ARGH!!!
Even if it tries to look all nice today, it's still slippery, wet and messy!

I keep my fingers crossed that we have a pretty smooth drive to and from germany, otherwise we'll be stuck in hell...