Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jurannessic hitting the Blogs

This is great!

More and more people are taking a look at the caveman vlog
and posting a blog about it! Very cool! Makes me very proud-
Hm- I guess I should be getting back to working on some own stuff
after finishing with Harry Potter 4...

I shall brainstorm a bit about it on my 3 week roadtrip
along the westcoast, where I am sure to meet some interesting characters,
and have fabulous adventures!
This will be my first 'real' time to the US,
unless you count being in Disneyworld as a kid
as experiencing America and its people..?

I am very excited!!!
Tomorrow last day at work here in London
(and last night in terribly loud room
in very old shaky house on main road in NW...
but will make sure that vast amounts of alcohol
consumed in short amount of time during farewell drinks
will dampen perception of noise so will sleep like stone),
Day after tomorrow off to Amsterdam
(as have all my stuff there with boyfriend in small but cosy apartment),
Monday off to Los Angeles!

Will post pics and news once there!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

SUN in London at last...

I know why the English, or anyone living in England for that matter,
talk about the weather so much...
that's because it is unpredictable as hell, and completely insane!!!
A week ago, I could have sworn that wintertime was rolling back in,
and today it is positively tropical!

Well, it doesn't make sitting indoors infront of a PC anymore attractive,
I can tell you that.

If you guys want to check out some pics from the Paris weekend, go to:

that's my friend Damiens blog on Xanga (some kinda korean site),
who Gabe and I visited for his birthday,
and who is currently dating my best friend Anneke

who was also celebrating her birthday that weekend!
so a lot of celebrating and having fun -
and a tiny bit of shopping going on too, but yeah, what can you do...
I have a hunch it's genetically programmed...