Monday, September 26, 2005

San Francisco

snapshots from USA trip this summer...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sport ist Mord

As they say in german ('sports are murderous' or sth like that).

Well, tried to be 'healthy' and went jogging yesterday-
one and a half hours of sweat and more sweat...
and a whole new world of pain was revealed to me today!
I feel terrible! My knee feels like its been smashed with a hammer,
my back feels like a bulldozer ploughed over it several times,
my legs don't feel anything anymore really,
apart from the occasional sharp jabbing pain that feels like
someone is working at it with a screwdriver...

ah well- all for the sake of getting into shape, ey?
I think I might try yoga next time before doing
anything too radical like jogging again ;)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Idols 3, horses, and boats...

This weekend Gabriel participated in Idols 3
to become the new 'Popstar 2005'... or 2006?...
Anyway it was loads of fun and veeery exciting-
I think it's great that he is doing this, he is very talented
and has a beautiful voice (ah yes, the girlfriend speaks)!
But see (hear) for yourself! You can always go to

and listen to some of his own songs if your interested!
Esther, a friend of ours, also very talented, also great voice,
was there as well (with whole family) and they both got through
to the next round end of Oktober... so, fingers crossed!!!

Then we drove a little outside of Amsterdam to see
a great arabian horse show (well what can I say...
it was not merely for animation research I have to admit...
actually, it was purely out of
'I love horses they are beautiful I wanna have one' reasons...)!

And after that (yes, we be active people)
we met up with Hans and some dear friends of ours from London (Rudolf and Suzanne)
who were cruising through Amsterdam on Hans' boat!
Ah I looove that!!!
Great weather, great view of Amsterdam from the 'Grachten' -
That's the life :)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Amsterdam, Amsterdam...

So let's see...
Living with Gabe is turning out to be fantastic!
And I am not just saying this to give a "perfect couple" *barf barf* image...
it actually really is quite amazing-
After living in a long distance relationship for up to about three years,

it's little things, like sitting on the couch all cuddled up and
watching TV, that make a big difference.
Well... considering the size of our apartment
(very 'cosy' - basically you have your selfmade maze
when you decide to do some laundry and put the racks up...
ah, and the fun of 'where the hell did I put "x"'
or 'in which box do you reckon is the bla bla...?')
we really went from one extreme to the other.
But hey, its all wonderful (please ignore Gabe's cuts and bruises)

Workwise all is developing well-
everything is still kind of being structured and organised,
so all in all its quite relaxed...
I go to work by bike now, like a true dutch girl,
but with the adrenalin schocks of a normal
person from outside of Holland, or better Amsterdam...
a person who was not half born on a bike.
Basically I arrive at work every morning completely drenched in sweat
and shaking uncontrolably, but what a thrill it is!
I live on the edge now, ah yes,
I look death in the eye every single day!
Trams, Busses, Cars, Tourists... bring it on baby!