Monday, March 12, 2007

Change of Plans

Am back from week in London.
Let me give you the details briefly:

First day I walked through the heels of my boots on my mission to find affordable accommodation in a safe, nice part of London, which proved a lot more difficult than anticipated!
Looked at flatshares with one extremely skinny scary woman, and one with walls that had been treated with heavy chemicals against mold to which the landlady suggested I just needed to 'air' the room regularly, and I should be fine... (plus a third nipple starts sprouting on your chest after a matter of days! all that for 650 Pounds! A bargain I tell you!)

Not worried yet, because have feeling I still have loads of time...

Second day my handbag breaks, I still have no flatshare-
Although I did have a couple of appointments in nice areas, but this time I encountered enormous obese sweaty man, and broken toilets...

Slowly getting worried because have only seen crap and time seems to fly.

So I make an appointment for the next day with my future employer to see if we can push back my starting date seeing that my current employer will not cut me any slack at all and accommodation is clearly not in near sight-

Third day, slightly limping, I swoop into my former and future employers studio after another couple of useless appointments in flats -this time it was just plain unaffordable, but I thought I'd treat myself to look at some non stinky rooms...
at this point my feet are bloody from the new sneakers I bought (Nike, booooh), my chap stick exploded in my face from being all warm and mushy from going in and and out of the tube climate, and my spirits are pretty low and am feeling a tad in despair. Snief-
BUT I had a great chat with my future project manager/producer.
I even walked away with a raise which is always pretty fantastic.

After some ping-ponging on the start date, this is the new deal: I will be going to London in July and NOT April, which makes me pretty happy (once I got through the weird transitional part where you don't know if changes are for the better or not).

Summer in Amsterdam! Very good!
This also means I will be on the Dutch project another 2 months or so (am calculating my own slack of at least a month now) which means that there is some serious bootie kicking I need to be doing today...
I will report back after :)