Thursday, July 24, 2008

getting anxious

no matter how often I go through this, it's terrible every time... end of project and contract is near and I am not sure what will happen after... where I'll work and live (though have preferences on where I want to be of course, would be lovely to stay in London) and just in general what will happen within the next half year or so. I know it would be good to concentrate on the now (while scouting ahead nevertheless) and I am trying to stay positive and believe it'll be alright and work out, which I manage most of the time, but today is just one of those days where everything seems so unsure and unsettling, it's driving me mad!


dams & the fuctup factory said...

don't worry...I love ya! I'll call youuu this weekend, I got news!!!

Al said...

Don't you worry In-Ah... the way things are going lately, I'd happily employ you to just come over and tell me stories as long as you be your usual animated energetic self, that would entertain me to no end!