Thursday, March 13, 2008

YouTube weirdness

the last two posts about being blue are actually quite outdated! Had posted those a few days ago and was wondering why the 'publish to blog' button on YouTube was not really doing anything at the time! Ah well... fun vids anyway :) am feeling way less under the weather by the way. You could almost say I feel happy! Must lay off being cynical and grumpy, am not 60 yet (not that you necessarily turn grumpy with old age... or that 60 is really old... ah sod it, will just let it stand as is)- maybe I should go to one of those meditation sessions Alex goes to... might help center self and become zen and relaxed and balanced and... all the things I feel are not big traits of my character lately.

1 comment:

gabemac said...

Isn't having Gabe there making you feel a bit more happy? I know that would cheer me up. Hope you start to feel better soon honey.