Friday, March 07, 2008


man man...

To start off with, I wake up this morning with yet again a sore throat
and weird stomach, making me wonder if there is sth like the
'eternal flu'which never fully goes away and just comes back
and again and again...
this made me really grumpy.
After feeling blue and a bit down for last few days
I wonder if there will be any improvement in mood soon
or if it will stick forever, like sore throat and runny nose,
and turn me into nagging, snivelling person.

After a terrible over crowded tube ride (they are always terrible) I stumble into work, spilling half of the contents of my overpriced latte all over my hand, jacket and skirt... great stuff.

After the usual routine of checking emails and opening my shot of the day, I decide to pop out to pick up my favourite flat boots from the shoemaker with new heels and the insides, that I had walked to shreds, re-stitched. This cost me a small fortune (60 euros!!!), but no matter - they look great and the repair is very well crafted so am happy...

I get back to work and want to put them on but cannot fit my foot in because the extra lining made them tighter!!! (there is no zipper, it's a slip on like sock kinda boot, very comfy) So I go back slightly limping in my high heels with my damaged foot throbbing with every step (ever since last week when I had forced my foot into a slightly too tight high heel it seems the front left part of my foot, just under the big toe, got squished too much and is hurting like crazy!
It just won't go away, quite like annoying cold, reoccurring in waves of agony).

So they put it on the stretcher, pound on it with different tools that look fit for torture rather than cobbler work, while I sit and chat with this old guy about his last visit to Munich when he was 10 (1965!!!) which was lovely.

Finally I manage to wiggle my foot in (whilst doing so I slipped and kicked myself pretty hard in the shin and then another hard blast to my already painful foot) and I leave with the promise
that whenever it feels too rigid I can come back in and they will soften/stretch it again for free...
what a day this is turning out to be!

puh... of course have not done any proper work until now,
but hey, at least the sun is shining :)

wonder what else will happen today...
have a feeling its one of those strange days
full of random experiences...

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gabeB said...

Lets hope the planet won't explode they way things are going :-)
Hope you'll feel better soon babes!