Monday, February 05, 2007

out of the loop...

...I have been, the last week.
Teaching at the Filmacademy here in Amsterdam,
I was pretty much 'analog' the last few days!
Plus I got hit by a car on Thursday which was a shocker...
I am fine (apart from a few bumps and bruises)
and considering I rolled onto and off the front part of the car
that hit me at considerable speed, while I was on my bike
trying to cross the tram tracks, I was very, very lucky.
Even my bike survived! Unbelievable.

The week at the Academy was loads of fun!
I really enjoy teaching, it makes you go back and break down
the principles of your work and in the end you understand some
aspects about your job even better than before!
Kinda weird how that works :)

So, I am 'back', and I finally got round to do
this superhero test thing that friends were talking about...


Tamara said...

So glad you're okay! And so surprised you turn out to be a blonde...
Enjoy your full schedule during your minibreak! Talk to you next week.
Big big hug,T

mijs said...

hey girl, how u dooing?
still purple?
bug mijs

Lyssa said...

Sounds horrible. I'm very glad to hear that you're ok.