Friday, April 07, 2006

Mi-Ah comes to Amshterdahm!!!

Great stuff!
My 'little' sister has been accepted at the
Rietveld Art Academy for Jewelry Design!!!
This means that as of end of this year I will have
a family member in the neighborhood for the first time in ...
I guess its been 4/5 years or so?
Anyway, I get along really well with her,
so I am looking forward to having her around :)

Little tip on the side-
If you wanna check on some stuff
the Gabe's have been doing lately,
check out the Vlogs they made for
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    Tamara said...

    Ah an update. And what an update! Congrats! That's cool! I'm not surprised though. Of course she'd be accepted.
    So when is she moving here? September?
    Am very happy for you!
    Big hug

    raffee said...

    Cool news!
    Mi-Ah "still young but okay" Roediger... hmmmmm !

    hehehe ^^

    uwe said...

    ja das is ja super cool!!
    freu mich für euch

    drück dich

    Invader Stu said...

    Oh no. There is going to be two of you? :p

    gabeB said...

    hey babay!