Saturday, April 09, 2005

My first Vlog ever ...

Wanna see some of my work? Hm??

Just click on pic to watch the movie/vlog!


steve said...

Yeah, cracks me up every time. Love this one. Congrat's on first vlog. Now where's my link, woman!?

Tamara said...

Hey In-Ah!

Feeling better? Gabe just told me you've been posting on your blog! Fun!
Check out my blog every once in a while...:

Am looking forward to seeing more pics of your life and your work online.
Big kiss!

Tamara said...

...and more vlogs of course!

mijs said...

Oh my god!
Never have seen it before, loved it!!!

Congrats with your new job!!!

kiss mijke

Bathroom Reading said...

Oh. My. G-d. This was hilarious.

I got to you from Hof's site.

You're going to be my next featured blog, on my site. Probably be posted sometime today.

feedability said...

Excellent, I watched Just Because I Can and now this one and love you sense of humour and technique. Looking forward to more, more, more.


Nilphoenix said...

That was hilarious. Just stumbled into your blog from Fuctup Factory's blog. Seriously, good stuff. I have friends who are animators that I'm gonna forward that on to.
Thanks for the laugh!